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Welcome to our seniors yoga program

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Although many of us feel that we should follow the advice of “taking it easy” as we grow older, that is actually what we shouldn’t do. Extended periods of sitting lead to muscular shortening, tightening and weakening. Lack of weight-bearing activity contributes to osteoporosis. Lack of movement and stretching leads to joint deterioration and loss of flexibility. Of grave concern for our senior population is the lack of balance which stems, in part, from sitting rather than standing and from not challenging one’s balance in various positions.

Many health concerns have been linked to the sedentary lifestyle which is typical of many older people, including, but not limited to, the following: reduced joint flexibility, arthritis/bursitis, high blood pressure, increased body fat and decreased lean body tissue, osteoporosis, low back pain, breathing difficulties, poor blood circulation, vision problems, chronic pain, stress-related symptoms, inability to sleep peacefully

Without a doubt, yoga is one of the best habits the mature man or woman can acquire. Yoga enhances flexibility, strengthens muscles and offers a new outlook on life. Besides, it’s fun. These sites will help ease mature adults into a discipline that will help refresh their bodies – and their minds. You’re as young as you feel!

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