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Yoga” – In the western part of the world Yoga is often related with physical exercise on equal terms as fitness and other sports.

In Kaya Yoga we simply say that yoga is “the discipline of life”. Yoga is not only thephysical movements– Yoga is to live healthy in all levels of life.

In Sanskrit, Kaya means “the physical body”. Our aim is to help people to get better understanding about their own body through the art of yoga.

With a passion for helping students achieve personal goals, we create classes that offer the best yoga(Kriyas, Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskara), Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra,Chakras, Meditation) available for all students in Malmö Sweden, from beginners to advanced.

0ur classes are based on the Hatha yogic system. To build the strength, flexibility, balance andcoordination in between body and Mind.

All classes begin with a mantra to still the mind and bring focus to the body and end with Om chanting in a relaxing meditative state.

We  offer different Yoga kurser i Malmö and our goal is to place each student in the most appropriate class to ensure long-term success and depth of understanding

Our Yoga classes are Also designed to help with Stress, Depression, Diabetes, Blood pressure(Blodtryck), Cold (Förkylning), Asthma (Astma), Acidity (Syrahalt), Constipation(Förstoppning), Obesity (Fetma), Low immune system (Lågt immunförsvar) , Muscle cramps(Muskelkramp), Backache (Ryggsmärtor), Osteoarthritis (Artros), Skin problems(Hudproblem), Migraine (Migrän), Sciatica (Ischias)Insomnia (Sömnlöshet), Anxiety(Ångest), Menstrual problem (Menstruella problem).

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