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Once a woman becomes a mother, everything changes—her body, her obligations, her priorities. Not only does she need to heal physically, but she’s responsible for another human being.

Here’s yoga can do help about post-pregnancy’s most common challenges.

  • Weakened Pelvic Floor

  • Aching neck and shoulders

  • Loss of Endurance

  • Weakened Abs

  • fatugue

How does yoga help after pregnancy

  • Improve spinal strength

  • Regulate circulation of the blood in a proper way

  • Balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems

  • Improve breathlessness

  • Provide cure from body aches

  • Open energy channels of the body

  • Balance hormonal secretions

  • Work upon body shape

General Guidelines Postpartum

  • Consult your gynecologist

  • Drink lukewarm water before and after asanas

  • Keep your body posture correct

  • Make your environment peaceful, happy and spiritual as it affects your baby

  • Yoga practice should be done with the help of folding chair, pillow and blanket

  • Have proper diet

  • Take extra nutrition and rich calories

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