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 Kapotāsana: pigeon pose

‘Kapota’ means pigeon in Sanskrit. it  Also called Poorna Bhujangāsana (Bihar)



Dos and don’ts


–  Assume Sarpāsana first.

–  Bend the knees and raise the feet.

–  Stretch the head, neck and shoulders further so as to touch the head with the feet.

–  Keep the knees and feet together.

–  Do not lift your shoulders.

–  Keep your mouth shut so as to have full stretch of the neck muscles.




–  (Vishnu-devananda) this āsana is a very good exercise to stretch the muscles of the

legs, thighs and back.

–  (Bihar) As for Sarpāsana with increased levels.




–  As for Sarpāsana.

–  Should be practiced only after mastery of Bhujangāsana and Sarpāsana.


Scientific research



Yogic text


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