Vikas grew up in Jhansi, India in a yogic family environment. At the age of ten he was practicing yoga with his father and grandfather. After collage he went on to study physical education with specialisation in yoga and football, at one of the best universities for physical education in India. He also studied yoga education and philosophy at kaivalyadhama yoga institute which is one of the oldest scientific research based yoga centres. These are the subjects he studied there:

1. Human Anatomy and First Aid
2. Physiology
3. Kinesiology
4. Psychology
5. Health Education
6. Corrective Physical Education
7. Methods of Teaching

1. Patanjali Yoga Sutra
2. Yogic Text
3. Anatomy & Physiology Of Yogic Therapy
4. Yoga & Cultural Synthesis & Value Education
5. Yoga And Mental Health
7.  Teaching Methods & Practice of Teaching

With several years of personal practice and with guidance from his teachers Vikas has developed new ways of doing yoga, for flexibility, strength, co-ordination, relaxation, balancing chakras, energy, therapy etc., that is suiting our modern way of living. Teaching comes naturally for Vikas and he has the ability to work with complete beginners. His first priority is to guide the student through the physical aspects of yoga asanas and kriyas, and from there the foundation is set for the other limbs of Ashtanga Yoga to build. Vikas firmly believes that with a daily yoga practice both the physical and spiritual health will be attained